Epilogues form an important part of our Friday night's at AYF and below are recordings of some of the talks given.
(Whilst every effort is made to record most of our epilogues, sometimes for technical and other reasons - that may not be possible)
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  Friday 30th June 2017 John Coyne Why not try church?
  Friday 30th June 2017 Maxine interviews Sam Watson Sam's 'Escape & Pray' adventure
  Friday 23rd June 2017 Alex Ponitowska Prayer - Blog link: http://bit.ly/2a5JPA5
  Friday 16th June 2017 Richard Chapman The Bible
  Friday 9th June 2017 Aimee Cook The Gospel
  Friday 26th May 2017 Liam Mathews-Dibbins Jesus - Son of God
  Friday 19th May 2017 Maxine Roberts Who is God?
  Friday 5th May 2017 Rob Cook The Bible
  Friday 28th April 2017 Kate Denney Why is there Suffering?
  Friday 7th April 2017 James Moss The trial of Jesus
  Friday 31st March 2017 Maxine Roberts Peter - The denial of Christ
  Friday 24th March 2017 Lucy Earl Jesus in the Garden of Gethsename
  Friday 17th March 2017 Kate Denney What being a Christian is and means
  Friday 27th January 2017 Chris Hassell Living Water
  Friday 13th January 2017 Rob Cook AYF - Past, Present, & Future
  Friday 9th December 2016 Alex Poniatowska God in the every day - recreation
  Friday 2nd December 2016 Charlotte Chapman Worshipping God in the every-day
  Friday 11th November 2016 Luke Loescher More thoughts on Worship
  Friday 4th November 2016 Matt Emery Some thoughts on Worship
  Friday 21st October 2016 Aimee Cook We need to worship God, more than He needs our worship.
  Friday 14th October 2016 Lucy Windsor & Ebbie Daniels We are made to worship God.
  Friday 7th October 2016 Liam Matthews-Dibbins New epilogue series on Worship
  Friday 30th September 2016 Libby Swain A challenge - Vicarious
  Friday 16th September 2016 Maxine Roberts AYF Camp Slides Night
  Friday 9th September 2016 Jen Middleton Friendship

AYF Camp 2016 Epilogues
Fruits of the Spirit


  Annabel Symonds - Love
Charlotte Chapman - Joy
Aimee Cook - Peace & Gentleness
Bobby Harding - Forbearance
Ed Moss - Kindness & Goodness
Miya Hanson - Self Control
Rob Cook - Faithfulness & conclusion
  Friday 15th July 2016 Alex Poniatowska The eternal God
  Friday 8th July 2016 Lewis Taylor God of Peace
  Friday 24th June 2016 Ed Heritage God the Provider
  Friday 17th June 2016 Ed Moss God of justice
  Friday 10th June 2016 Lucy Earl God of my praise
  Friday 3rd June 2016 Chris Stanford The names of God
  Friday 20th May 2016 Elliot Lewis Zero to Hero  - Ruth
  Friday 6th May 2016 Rachel Wainwright Zero to Hero  - Peter
  Friday 29th April 2016 Aimee Cook Zero to Hero  - Mary, mother of Jesus
  Friday 15th April 2016 Al Harris Zero to Hero - new epilogue series
  Friday 8th April 2016 Leaders Slum Survivor - Feedback
  Friday 1st April 2016 Leaders Slum Survivor - the planning
  Friday 25th March 2016 Rob, Liam & Al Good Friday reflections
  Friday 18th March 2016 Charlotte Chapman Help from the Holy Spirit
  Friday 11th March 2016 Chris Humphreys Back to Basics - Prayer
  Friday 4th March 2016 Bobby Harding Connecting with our Church Family
  Friday 19th February 2016 Question Panel Richard Chapman, Annabel Symonds, Alex Poniatowska, Mark Castleton & Julie Fuggle
  Friday 12th February 2016 Sam Watson How do I become a Christian?
  Cloverley Talks Phil Knox Know your identity
  Friday 15th January 2016 Dean Leadon Why did Jesus come to earth?
  Friday 11th December 2015 Sam Gallagher Jesus said " I am the resurrection and the life"
  Friday 27th November 2015 Annabel Symonds Jesus said "I am the Way, the Truth & the Life"
  Friday 7th November 2015 Becky Bourne Jesus said "I am the bread of life"
  Friday 30th October 2015 Rob Cook Halloween & Jesus said "I am the light of the world"
  Friday 23rd October 2015 Chloe Wiedeman Jesus said "I am the true vine"
  Friday 16th October 2015 Maxine Roberts Jesus said "I am the good shepherd"
  Friday 2nd October 2015 Chris Hassell Jesus said "I AM"
  Friday 25th September 2015 Lee Plummer You are powerful
  Friday 18th September 2015 Rob Cook AYF Camp Slides Night
  Friday 4th September 2015 Kate Ward Saying Yes
  For our AYF Camp epilogues click here Spiritual Disciplines
  Friday 17th July 2015 Charlotte Gompertz Prodigal Son
  Friday 26th June 2015 Ellie Swain How much are you worth?
  Friday 19th June 2015 Kate Watson Forgiveness
  Friday 12th June 2015 Alex Poniatowska Don't worry - be happy!
  Friday 29th May 2015 Hannah Beebee I dare you - Romans 12
  Friday 22nd May 2015 Marianne Swain The Bible
  Friday 1st May 2015 Ian Geary Faith & Politics
  Friday 24th April 2015 Sam Gallagher & Lucy Earl Our stories
  Friday 17th April 2015 Andy Watson Prayer
  Friday 10th April 2015 Rob Cook What sin is and does
  Good Friday 3rd March 2015 Easter Story Easter story with Matt, Becki & Rob
  Friday 27th March 2015 Libby Flenley My visit to Paraguay
  Friday 20th March 2015 Mike Pilavachi Zephaniah 3 verse 17
  Friday 13th March 2015 YFers Testimonies/sharing: Miya, Kebba, Lucy, Dana, Sam
  Friday 27th February 2015 Emily Harland Do we have supernatural powers?
  Friday 20th February 2014 Matt Emery God's call on our lives
  Friday 13th February 2015 Charlie Provost The rescue plan arriving
  Friday 30th January 2015 Sam Gallagher My story
  Friday 23rd January 2015 Maxine Roberts Why does God allow suffering?
  Friday 16th January 2015 Miya Hanson Power to the max
  Friday 12th December 2014 Libby Swain The real meaning of Christmas
  Friday 28th November 2014 Gary Daniel Genesis 3 The Fall
  Friday 21st November 2014 Marianne Swain Creation - Genesis 1
  Friday  24th October 2014 Kate Watson Uganda visit
  Friday 17th October 2014 Tom Young Placing your trust in God (we are sorry we didn't record all of Tom's talk, so attached is a transcript of this top talk here)
  Friday 10th October 2014 Richard Chapman Private time with God
  Friday 3rd October 2014 Ellie Swain Last words - Faith? Can we be sure?
  Friday 26th September 2014 Liam Matthews-Dibbins Love in action
  Friday 19th September 2014 Nathaniel Poole Last words...
  Friday 12th September 2014 Kate Ward Camp Films night - Breast-plate of Righteousness
  Friday 5th September 2014 Isaac Watson Last words...
  Friday 27th June 2014 Liam Matthew-Dibbins Psalm 34
  Friday 20th June 2014 Phil Wilks Psalm 55
  Friday 13th June 2014 Miriam Samuel Psalm 63
  Friday 6th June 2014 Dean Leadon Psalm 6
  Friday 30th May 2014 Mark Castleton Important Questions
  Friday 23rd May 2014 Bobby Harding Psalm 139
  Friday 16th May 2014 Laura Thomas Psalm 88
  Friday 9th May 2014 Jack Berry Psalm 121
  Friday 2nd May 2014 Richard Chapman Psalm 40
  Friday 18th April 2014 - Good Friday Rob Cook Why Easter?
  Friday 18th April 2014 - Good Friday Matt Emery Historical Facts about Jesus/Good friday
  Friday 11th April 2014 Harriet Green Psalm 62
  Friday 28th March 2014 Marianne Swain Psalm 3
  Friday 14th March 2014 Mike King Psalm 43
  Friday 7th March 2014 Al Harris Zephaniah
  Friday 28th February 2014 Ellie Swain Psalm 117
  Friday 21st February 2014 Rachel Smyth  (as a pdf)  Psalm 10 (as a pdf) 
  Friday 14th February 2014 Catherine Miller Psalm 91
  Friday 31st January 2014 Libby Swain Psalm 1
  Friday 24th January 2014 Katie Ward Psalm 51
  Friday 17th January 2014 Emily Ward Psalm 13
  Friday 10th January 2014 Phil Wilks Psalm 133
  Friday 3rd January 2014 Rob Cook New Year Thoughts
  Friday 13th December 2013 Phil Wilks Summary of the Beatitudes
  Friday 29th November 2013 Sam Watson Blessed are those who are Persecuted for Righteousness sake
  Friday 22nd November 2013 Richard Chapman Blessed are the peacemakers
  Friday 1st November 2013 Lydia Poniatowska Blessed are the pure in heart
  Friday 25th October 2013 Jack Berry Blessed are the merciful
  Friday 18th October 2013 Ellie Swain Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
  Friday 27th September 2013 Bobby Harding Blessed are those who mourn
  Friday 20th September 2013 Matt Bryant The Beatitudes 1 - New Series
  Friday 6th September 2013 Laura Thomas Community
  AYF Camp Epilogues Several How can I be sure of my faith?
  Friday 12th July 2013 Rob Cook Story of Jonah
  Friday 28th June 2013 Liam Matthew-Dibbins More of My Story (last epilogue ever in our church rooms!)
  Friday 21st June 2013 Mark Poniatowski Song - In Christ Alone - My Story
  Friday 14th June 2013 Kom Song - Oh Happy Day
  Friday 31st May 2013 Rachel Smyth Song - History Maker
  Friday 24th May 2013 Max Standerwick Song - Unlike Christ
  Friday 17th May 2013 Michael Clayton Song - Cornerstone
  Friday 10th May 2013 Sam Watson Song - Amazing Grace
  Friday 3rd May 2013 Chris Blunt Who is this man JESUS?
  Friday 19th April 2013 Phil Wilks Song - The Stand
  Friday 12th April 2013 Mike King Song - Your Love never fails,
  Friday 22nd March 2013 Archie Miles Song - Our God is Greater
  Friday 15th March 2013 Jody Sullivan My Story
  Friday 8th March 2013 Alan & Gillian Winser Bulgaria possibilities
  Friday 1st March 2013 Jim Butler Song - At Your Name
  Friday 22nd February 2013 Liam Matthew-Dibbins Song - From The Inside Out
  Friday 15th February 2013 Katie Ward Song - Ten Thousand Reasons 'Bless the Lord O my soul' (sorry about quality)
  Friday 1st February 2013 Ellie Swain Song -  'He is Faithful'
  Friday 25th January 2013 Isaac Watson Song - 'Love Came Down'
  Friday 4th January 2013 Laura Thomas The second coming of Christ
  Friday 7th December 2012 Phil Wilks Broken Art
  Friday 30th November 2012 Bobby Harding "I will never leave you"
  Friday 23rd November 2012 Jess Thomas My Story
  Friday 16th November 2012 Marianne Swain Jesus is our Saviour
  Friday 26th October 2012 Jess Townley My Story
  Friday 12th October 2012 Rachel Smyth Jesus is our example
  Friday 5th October 2012 Chris Blunt Jesus is Lord
  Friday 28th September 2012 Tori Thomas My Story
  Friday 21st September 2012 Mike Haywood Urban Spirit talk
  Friday 14th September 2012 Phil Wilks AYF starts back - some thoughts
  Friday 7th September 2012 Phil Wilks Camp Slides Night talk
  AYF Camp Epilogue talks Various The Lord's Prayer
  Friday 13th July 2012 Dan Leng AYF Camp thoughts
  Friday 6th July 2012 Bobby Harding My Story
  Friday 29th June 2012 Marianne Swain My Story
  Friday 15th June 2012 Lucy Tillott My Story
  Friday 8th June 2012 Emily Ward Friendship with Christ
  Friday 1st June 2012 Mark Poniatowski God's promise of hope
  Friday 25th May 2012 Chris Blunt Jesus said "I am the way, the truth & the life"
  Friday 11th May 2012 Sam Watson God's - Promises Eternal Life & Assurance
  Friday 27th April 2012 Liam Mathew-Dibbins My Story
  Friday 20th April 2012 Aimee Woolley My Story
  Friday 13th April 2012 Sue Fung My Story
  Friday 6th April 2012 Trevor Francis Good Friday reflections
  Friday 30th March 2012 Matt Emery God's Promises - Guidance
  Friday 23rd March 2012 Beth Evans God's Promises - The Strength of God In Us
  Friday 16th March 2012 Ed Heritage God's Promises - We will find Him when we seek Him
  Friday 2nd March 2012 Mike Haywood God's Promises - God sets us free from sinful habits
  Friday 24th February 2012 Isaac Watson God's Promises - Forgiveness
  Friday 17th February 2012 Chris Blunt God's Promises - His provision and supply
  Friday 10th February 2012 Hannah Clay God's Promises - Healing
  Friday 3-5th February - Cloverley talks Evan Cockshaw Holiness
  Friday 27th January 2012 Libby Swain God's Promises - Eternal life
  Friday 13th January 2012 Ellie Grice God's Promises - The return of Christ
  Friday 6th January 2012 Phil Wilks God's Promises - Comfort
  Friday 16th December 2011 Tom Bryant God's Promises - New Series
  Friday 9th December 2011 Kennedy Meredith My Story
  Friday 2nd December 2011 Emily Riley My Story
  Friday 25th November 2011 Amy Jones My Story
  Friday 11th November 2011 Katie Ward My Story
  Friday 28th October 2011 Mike King My Story
  Friday 21st October 2011 Josh Bannister My Story
  Friday 7th October 2011 Rachel Smyth My Story
  Friday 30th September 2011 Lydia Poniatowska My Story
  Friday 24th September 2011 Grace Wilkes My Story
  Friday 16th September 2011 Phil Wilks Camp Slides talk
  Friday 9th September 2011 Max Standerwick My Story
  Friday 2nd September 2011 Becki Emery My Story
  Friday 15th July 2011 Alex Russon My Story
  Friday 8th July 2011 Steve Arnold My Story
  Friday 1st July 2011 Grace Richardson My Story
  Friday 17th June 2011 Tom Bryant My Story
  Friday 10th June 2011 Phil Wilks My Story
  Friday 3rd June 2011 Rob Cook Personal thought's on AYF.  Clip watched http://youtu.be/Cbk980jV7Ao
  Friday 27th May 2011 Matt Emery Fruit of the Spirit - Self control
  Friday 6th May 2011 Amy Jones Fruit of the Spirit - Gentleness
  Friday 29th April 2011 Loretta McKeever Fruit of the Spirit - Goodness
  Friday 22nd April 2011 AYF Leaders Good Friday reflections
  Monday 18th - Wednesday 20th April 2011 Cloverley  
  Friday 15th April 2011 Josh Blunt Fruit of the Spirit - Faithfulness
  Friday 1st April 2011 Isaac Watson Fruit of the Spirit - Kindness
  Friday 25th March 2011 Keelia Evans Fruit of the Spirit - Peace
  Friday 18th March 2011 Natalie Webster Fruit of the Spirit - Patience
  Friday 11th March 2011 Libby Swain Fruit of the Spirit - Joy
  Friday 4th March 2011 Emily Riley Fruit of the Spirit - Love
  Friday 25th February 2011 Chris Blunt New epilogue series - Fruit of the Spirit introduction
  Friday 18th February 2011 Phil Wilks Jesus said...I am the way, the truth and the life
  Friday 4th February 2011 Katie McDonald Jesus said...I am the bread of life
  Friday 28th January 2011 Dan Leng Jesus said...I am the way, the truth and the life
  Friday 21st January 2011 Phil Wilks Jesus said....If salt has lost it's saltiness
  Friday 7th January 2011 Ellie Grice Jesus said....Let the children come to me