Friday Activity Led By 60 second spot Epilogue Speaker Epilogue Topic 'IT' (leaders)
17/2/17 Bench Ball Elliot Lewis and Jordan Follows George Hopkins Jack Fieldhouse Jesus IS King  
24/2/17 half term No AYF          
3/3/17 Quiz Lewis, Follows and Gallagher Al Harris Kate Denney Lent  
10/3/17 Rave Night Big Al H Emily RT Kate Denney Lent LMD/MR
17/3/17 Slumber Party Mad Sesh Ebbie and Aimée Aimee Cook   Lent RC
24/3/17 Card Games Night Tristan and Emily RT Ebbie Daniels   Lent CS/PS
31/3/17 YF has got talent? Jack Fieldhouse, James Moss Elliot Lewis   Lent LMD/MR
7/4/17 Limbo Limbo Alex Moore Tristan Aplin James Moss   RC
14/4/17 Good Friday Leaders n/a     CS/PS
21/4/17 half term No AYF          
28/4/17 Quizzing James Moss and Matt Roberts Billie Daniels      
5/5/17 Free & Easy Leaders        
12/5/17 Chips on the Chase Leaders N/A      
19/5/17 Flash Mob Rehearsal Lucy E and Co        
26/5/17 Wide Games (on the field) Swains Richard Chapman      
2/6/17 half term No AYF          
9/6/17 Mass Twister Emily Rhind-Tutt Swains Aimee Cook    
16/6/17 Fitness Evening Sam Gallagher Lora Dragoshi and Holly Lingard Richard Chapman    
23/6/17 Water Fight Lauren Hammond and Co   Alec Poniatowska    
30/6/17 Team Building Games Leaders Kate Denney John Coyne
7/7/17 Drive-in Movie
14/7/17 Ultimate Frisbee (Newbie's night) Matt Roberts and Moss Bros Megan Seward and Ellie Silk
21/7/17 Summer Ball N/A N/A
28/7/17 AYF Camp & Summer Shut down